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Important Tips for Boring Machining

The boring process requires attention to the details of the machining process to produce a successful outcome. The following are tips to achieve the best outcome when boring a hole into a workpiece.


First, regularly check the boring machines for tool wear. If any is found, replace faulty cutters to assure accuracy and quality. Before beginning the boring process, check that work holds and clamps have secured the workpiece material. The machining process should take place at a cool temperature with adequate lubrication for the cutting operations. Be certain to check and make any adjustments to the spindle's repeated positioning and dynamic balance for accuracy.

Boring Tool

Once the boring bar is set, check that the cutting edge of your boring machine is in the correct position. This checkpoint means that the upper plane of the tool edge should be on the same horizontal plane as the feed direction of the cutting head of the boring tool.


To begin, measure the diameter of the drilled or cast hole using a caliper to calculate the reserved machining allowance. Set the boring allowance to match depending on the type of finish needed, rough, moderate, or fine. If the workpiece calls for tight precision, check that the boring allowance is not below 0.05mm.

Trial Boring

When conducting a trial boring, make any necessary adjustments to limit vibration and centrifugal cutting, checking the dynamic gravity overhang value of the boring bar. It is best practice to modify the allowance of a rough boring to no less than 0.5 mm to ensure the final product after boring meets the tolerance specifications. 


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