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Ways of Improving Manufacturing Efficiency

As we begin the new year and decade, let’s look at ways to streamline the manufacturing process, save time, and reduce costs while increasing productivity. Efficient manufacturing is the key to improve the production rate and minimize environmental impact. The bonus to these improvements is that it can also enhance sales growth and positive company image. The following are four ways to improve manufacturing efficiency.

Reduce Material Waste

To achieve efficient manufacturing processes, manufacturing waste needs to be reduced. Here are ways for you to consider:

  • At the concept phase of each project focus on the design that uses only the necessary material 
  • Recycle waste material yourself or sell it to someone who can 
  • Work on process optimization to ensure all available material is used 
  • Track shipping costs and adjust the shipping process to reduce expenditure


Train the Employees on Every Front 

Cross-train your employees on multiple processes so that they may serve as substitutes, troubleshooters, and extra labor when needed. Training will also help them understand the ins and outs of the processes, allowing them to understand their role in the entire system.


Try Cellular Manufacturing

One of the best ways of improving manufacturing efficiency is by grouping similar tasks together. Cellular Manufacturing arranges equipment and workstations to enhance short run, continuous flow production. In this system, every process is needed to produce the product and performed often in a close U-shaped layout. By allowing the machines and your cross-trained employees to focus on a single task, you promote consistency and better quality. Also, downtime will be significantly decreased.


Stay Ahead of Equipment Failures

Make preventive maintenance a priority to ensure proactive management to minimize equipment failures. Schedule regular maintenance sessions to make sure equipment works to its optimal level.

With these tips, embrace efficient manufacturing and enjoy better cost management, productivity, and profitability. Universal DeVlieg provides innovative and cost-cutting tool holding and high precision boring solutions to the machine tool industry, servicing a diversified customer base. The combination of over 32,000 active part numbers, over 10,000 standard items, and our technical support staff delivers design engineering expertise that is unmatched in the industry. To learn more about Universal DeVlieg, contact us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 877.308.3077 or visit at